No. 820 Heavy-Duty Undercut Saw

A more powerful version of our popular No. 555 Saw. The No. 820 comes with a 61/2 diameter carbide-tipped blade that can fully undercut most doors in place. Also included is the No. 805 Masonry Blade for undercutting hearths. The saw undercuts walls, jambs, inside corners, and even most toe-spaces. The saw comes with carrying case, hex wrench, and instructions. It does it all - a real value for the price!
Undercuts corners, walls, jambs, and most toe-spaces! Cuts masonry and fully undercuts most doors in place!
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Order No. Description
1820-A OLD Power Unit, 120 Volts
1820-A1** NEW Power Unit, 120 Volts
1820-AV OLD Power Unit, 220 Volts
1820-AV1** NEW Power Unit, 220 Volts
1820-B Plastic Handle
1820-C Handle Fastener Set (4)
1820-D OLD Height Adjuster
1820-D1 NEW Dust Control Height Adjuster
1820-E OLD Housing
1820-E1 NEW Dust Control Housing
1820-F* OLD Depth Gauge
1820-F1 NEW Dust Control Depth Gauge
1820-G* OLD Guide Washer & Fastener Set (10)
1820-G1 NEW Guide Washer & Fastener Set (8)
1820-H Housing Fastener Set (4)
1820-I Blade Guard
1820-J Blade Guard Snap Ring
1820-K Blade Driver
1820-L OLD Spanner Wrench
1820-L1 OLD Hex Blade Wrench
1820-M Carrying Case (not shown)
1820-N Dust Port w/Screws
1820-O Power Cord (not shown)
1820-P Dust Port Cap
1820-Q1 OLD Hex Blade Clamp Nut
1820-R Switch Type A, Red/Orange (not shown)
1820-R1 Switch Type B, Black (not shown)
1820-S Brush Set (not shown)
1820-T Carrying Case Latch Set (2) (not shown)
1820-U Carrying Case Handle (not shown)
1820-V Brush Holder Assembly plus Brushes
(not shown)
1820-W Switch Conversion Kit (not shown)
1820-X NEW Dust Control Three-Arm Knob
1820-Y Power Cord Strain Relief (not shown)
1820-Z Return Spring Screw Only (not shown)
1555-G* OLD Depth Gauge Three-Arm Knob
1555-I OLD Blade Clamp Nut
1555-O Set Screw
1810-J Blade Guard Spring
1812-O** Blade Spacer
1812-P** Blade Clamp
1812-Q** Blade Screw
1812-R** Allen® Wrench
For saws produced before 01/24/05
For saws with 1820-A1 power unit (spindle w/ internal thread) produced after 2/2006
No. 821 Carbide-Tipped Blade
No. 820 Heavy Duty Undercut Saw
Undercuts corners, walls, jambs, and most toe-spaces! Cuts masonry and fully undercuts most doors in place!