vinyl tools photo
Solid sheet vinyls such as Armstrong Medintech are welded at the seams using a groover and heat gun. Here are some of our best vinyl welding tools.

No. 965 Skiving Knife with Replacement Blade
Replaceable razor blade.
Cuts in two passes
Built-in pivoting trim guide
No. 960 Heat Weld Gun
Universal tip for half-moon or round thread
Pistol-grip handle
Variable heat
No. 970 Power Groover
Cuts half-round welding groove, variable depth
Effective dust control
Max cut depth of 4mm
Comes with No. 971
12 tooth carbide blade
No. 972 Diamond Groover Blade
Works on No. 970 and other popular makes
Grooves tough metal-impregnated safety floors
O.D. 130 mm, makes a 3.4 mm groove, approx.
No. 955 Pull Hand Groover
Improves control and permits faster work
Adjustable fin tracks in the seamline to control grooving depth
Comes with 3 blades
No. 988 Welding Kit
Power groover
Pull Hand groover
Welding gun
Seam trimming knife

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